Once again the BCBR crew pulled off an outstanding trip that we’ll never forget. Every detail is thought out. Just show up with a bike; all the rest of it is pure enjoyment: rides, accommodation, food, transit, logistics and support (tech and guiding) are covered, with smiles. We’re FROM BC but have chosen these guys to show us parts of our province as yet unexplored on two wheels and we’ll keep signing up with them as they expand their excellent offerings!!

Carla Wilkie and Pete Fritz

The BCBRide trip are by far the best riding trip I have every been on. Well organized, great staff and guides.

Eric Davis

BCBike Ride Kootenays was the trip of a lifetime! The riding, food, and accommodations were top notch! The crew made sure that each rider had their very best experience. I left with about 30 new best friends and a "high" that, two weeks later, is still with me- that is how great a trip it was.

Laurie Woodbury

In short, it’s my opinion that you and the team way undersold the experience because it far exceeded anything I was hoping to get out of the trip. It was worth 10 times the cost because I will have this ultimate experience for a lifetime!

Chris Lee

BC Bike Race was the most fun I thought I could have on two wheels...until I discovered BC Bike Ride. I'm hooked!

Paul King

The BCBR crew is made up of an outstanding cast-of-characters who have an infectious love, and serious skills, for showing everyone a great time of the trails!

Chris Tewksbury