Explore the beautiful west coast of BC. Get a taste of the riding areas that the
BC Bike Race is famous for and be introduced to some of our local favourites!

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Mountain Biking's Mecca

Explore the wild west coast of British Columbia by ferry, bus, and bike as we dive into the lush rainforest that is home to the origins of hand-built singletrack. This is the motherland. You will cross the Salish Sea from the mainland to Vancouver Island, breathing the salty ocean air and keeping an eye on the water for signs of whales. Once on the island you will experience some of our favourite ‘backyard’ trails and some of the gems we incorporate into the world-renowned BC Bike Race.

Select from the coastal towns of North Vancouver, Cumberland, Powell River, Sechelt, Squamish, Whistler, and more. Each one brimming with the kind of hand-built singletrack that dreams are made of. Ripping through the brown ribbons that lace their way through the abundantly green forests will bring a smile to your face and make your heart pound. This is where it all began – and this is where you belong!


Travel through the scenic west coast region of British Columbia. Select from a variety of modes of transportation including ferries, float planes, helicopters, and more.

  • All of your travel logistics are taken care of on this tour from the time we pick you up at the hotel in North Vancouver until the time we drop you off back at the hotel at the end of your trip.


Intermediate to advanced XC & all-mountain singletrack riding

  • Ride some of the famous BCBR trails and experience many other gems on the coast
  • The best access led by BCBR and local guides to each trail network provided daily and may include:
    • Shuttles
    • Guided rides
    • Climbing and descending (all-mountain riding)
    • Detailed maps and signage


Part meals or all inclusive, we can work out great meal options for you!



Whether you are looking for camping, glamping, or a hotel or hostel we have many options to choose from!


An Unforgettable Experience

The unforgettable experience is the best investment you can make for yourself. In a time when ‘things’ lack meaning, experiences are what feed our souls. Research tells us that spending our money on travel rather than material items will make us happier, that the thrill of purchasing fades quickly but the memories of an unforgettable experience like BC Bike Ride is something that can bring you joy for a lifetime. Share the ultimate road trip experience with new and old friends, explore new cultures, see new sights, and best of all – ride the most incredible trails! Let us guide you in our backyard and help to create your next lasting memories.
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Finding out I actually could ride 6 days straight on all new trails every day without getting mangled while thoroughly enjoying the company of all new friends was awesome! Seeing a part of my province I'd long desired to visit, and doing it on two wheels, in the company of many stoked local hosts, was awesome. Eating about 4000 calories a day of delicious food prepared by someone else but not gaining an ounce, was awesome. Daily yoga, great coffee and perfect weather, was awesome. Losing my shuttling virginity, although at first seemingly distasteful, turned out to be awesome. Oh, yeah, and riding some of the best trails I've ever seen was super awesome!

Carla Wilkie

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